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Monday, November 30, 2015


I am currently performing turnover cleans for a management development group and they have asked if I would be interested in performing a tidy-up service. The service would be just like that of a hotel maid; any additional service would require a different rate. I would like to know what the rate for a hotel maid would be and what we should be charging for full service condo cleans.


In most hotels/motels a maid cleans 15 to 18 rooms a per 8 hour shift. Wage rates generally run from minimum wage to two dollars above that amount per hour. You might expect to do a full clean on two to three condo units per day in the same building. Full cleans may run from $85.00 to $165.00 per unit depending on size, location, services, staffing and how long it takes to complete. Touch up services, would take much less time, you could expect to touch up 6 to 12 units per shift depending on whats included and the size of the units.
As we often tell folks who ask similar questions, your rates should reflect your business costs and profit goals and not those of others. Since you are now doing the condo cleanups, you must have a good idea of the time it takes, on average, to do a single bedroom unit and a two bedroom unit and so on. Use those figures you have to price your services.
What do you include in a “full service” clean? Vacuuming, or carpet shampoo and extraction? Windows? Laundry? Whatever you do has a time connected with it and possibly some chemical and equipment costs as well. Run the numbers. A hotel maid is paid hourly or by the unit. Use your current hourly labor rate and add what you need to cover labor burden, overhead, supplies, and whatever else you will provide.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor