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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


I have plastic chair mats that are stained with hard water spots, grease and soap residue. These stains donít respond to water and floor stripper. Whatís the best way to clean them?


Floor stripper is formulated to dissolve floor finishes. Using it on unfinished mats is a waste of time and money.

The grease should respond to a detergent solution.
Take the mats to an area where you can actually wash them without worrying about the surrounding floor. Use a detergent solution, and scrub the mat by hand or machine. You should not need a degreaser unless thereís a heavy accumulation. Hose the mat clean of slurry, and wet vac or squeegee the surface dry to prevent spotting.

When the mats are mopped in place, make sure the mop is not leaving solution to dry into "water spots".

Chair mats get abraded from grit and often have rough surfaces that are hard to clean. Periodic "heavy" cleaning as I've described may be required from time to time.

Lynn Krafft (; 315.782.4437)

Answer #2

If the spots appearing on the mat are indeed water spots (mineral deposits), try an acidic detergent cleaner to dissolve the minerals for removal. Phosphoric acid solutions are commonly used in professional products, but other acidic solutions are available that do not contain phosphoric acid. Check with your janitorial supplier.

Allen Rathey