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Tuesday, October 06, 2015


I placed an area rug over my white Berber carpet and held it down with double sided tape. When I lifted the area rug and pulled the tape off it left a sticky residue that I cannot remove. Please tell me what to use to get this sticky substance off of my Berber carpet.


Answer #1:

Start out with a d-Limonene product. Try to find one that is specially formulated for carpets. This chemical can be used for many non-water soluble cleaning problems. Start out at a 1:64 ratio (2oz per gallon) and use the traditional carpet spotting method in an inconspicuous area:
Apply the solution,
Wait a few minutes
Blot the area with a towel,
Rinse with water
Blot the area with towel
Check the area for results
If it works, continue the process for the entire affected area.
If you wish, instead of using the spotting method, spray the area, and use an extractor, preferably a hand spotter (small extractor). Be aware that the entire carpet may need to be cleaned to main an appearance on continuity.

If it doesn't work, up the dilution ratio to 1:32 (4 oz per gallon).

-- Kevin Keeler (

Answer #2

Start out with any of the citrus-oil based solvents that are widely available, such as Goo Gone or Goof-Off Goo Remover. Both may be purchased at hardware stores and home centers nationally.

Read label instructions carefully before proceeding. Both products will work on carpeting; however, Magic American Corp. cautions against using Goo Gone on wool, so make sure your carpet is made of nylon before proceeding.

Apply the fluid to a clean cloth and rub the residue gently. Both products can damage carpet backing, so donít apply either directly to the carpeting. Be prepared to work the stain for several minutes. Blot the area with a towel, rinse with water, and then blot again with a clean section of the towel. If it works, continue the process.

-- Don Merrill