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Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Are there any secrets to using and applying a "green floor finish"? We are experiencing the finish drying too fast and it looks dull.


The difference between “Green” and regular floor finishes is that the more environmentally friendly ones do not use zinc in the formula since it is known to have adverse effects on the aquatic environment. They also limit VOCs to make using them less of an IAQ issue. Some other other chemicals may have been eliminated as well.
You may enjoy reading the Green Seal report at
The finish is drying too fast to do what? Level well? Form a film? What does the manufacturer say the normal drying time should be? Is there an unusual air flow, temperature or humidity in the room? Fans? Air conditioners, radiant heat? Dullness can show up on all sorts of floors including those with regular metal-interlock finishes on them. Was the floor truly clean before application? Was the floor rinsed well to remove all residues? Was the applicator clean and free from other chemicals? Too light a coating? Coverage stretched too far? A very thin coat will dry dull and streaked.
As far as I know, the formulation, not the application technique, is the key to a “Green” finish and these new products may simply act differently than previous formulations.
If this is a continuing problem, contact your Jan-San supplier or the manufacturers tech support for guidance.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor