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Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Are you able to provide any guidelines for the number of hours required per week to complete usual residential cleaning? Duties required would include all cleaning (windows, bathrooms, floors, etc), routine kitchen cleaning (but not cleaning out the fridge or the oven), garbage removal, changing bed linens and doing laundry. Guidelines based on number of rooms, square footage, or certain duties would all be helpful. We are a company of therapists who often recommend home making services for our injured/disabled clients.


Answer # 1:
Based on a once a week service plan, a rough estimate would be four to six hour depending on the home, apartment or unit size and the exact tasks performed during each visit.
Bill Griffin, President

Answer # 2:
Since all residences differ in layout, room size, furnishings, daily usage, and a numerous other aspects, it is difficult to give solid figures can be assigned to cover all situations. Other factors that impact how long the work will take include, skill of the cleaner, soil conditions, and the equipment used.
Since you are in the position of recommending the service, but not actually supervising its delivery, why not consult with several prospective service companies in your area and see what arrangements they are willing to work out to have your recommendation? They will have the general information you are requesting and should be able to provide rates based on their experience and capabilities. With this in hand, you can monitor their results in a few trial situations and make an assessment of which companies will not betray your trust when you recommend them to your clients.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor