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Sunday, October 04, 2015


I have a client that has a carpet that is now discontinued and will do whatever it takes to keep it in perfect condition. The carpet is light gray, sculptured, with very short loop. I' ve cleaned the carpet serveral times even done red stain removal with exellent results. He now has an area where a potted plant has over flowed while being watered and discolored the carpet a light yellow. Is there anything I can do to reverse or remove the stain? His words, "Money is no object just do whatever it takes." Thanks for any tips you can give me.


Answer # 1.
While red stain removal involves taking a foreign dye out of the carpet, the yellowing you see where the over-watered plant sat may be from the fertilizer or plant food actually removing color from the carpet fiber. Since the dyes have been oxidized, cleaning alone will not solve the problem.
In fact, concerning plant food the Stainmaster website states, “This spill may contain chemicals that may alter the color of the carpet. We recommend you contact a professional cleaner.”
Check first to see if the yellow goes all the way to the backing. This sort of color change starts from there and works its way up the fiber.
If it does, you may wish to contact another pro experienced in color restoration to see if the area can be returned to its original state by a dying process.
If that fails (or even if it succeeds), a colorful, waterproof mat of some sort should be placed under the plant to prevent further damage.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN associate editor for ATEX

Answer # 2.
Plant stains are tough and generally don't come out. Spot dying or cutting and patching may be you best options. Other options could include buying another plan or rearranging the furniture in the room to cover the discoloration.