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Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Maintenance of resilient flooring in very busy kidney centers presents a real challenge. One must deal with spillage of saline solutions, dyes and use of various other chemicals/disinfectants which eat away the finish. What type of floor program best suits this situation?


Answer #1.
An Internet search for “chemical resistant finishes” will turn up a variety of sources for coatings with this property. However, most floors never see these specialty finishes applied. Instead, the familiar VCT is installed and the custodial staff is told to keep it looking good.
Your floor finish supplier should be able to direct you to a finish that is formulated with these qualities in mind and that will at least reduce the maintenance needed to keep it looking good.
Additionally, you may wish to consider using matting in those areas where the spillage is the most common and the damage to the floor finish the greatest. Thin rubber runners that can be cut to length and to fit around obstacles would work well. Available in up to four foot widths, they are comfortable under foot, resist most common chemicals well, and can be kept sanitary and disinfected. No finish is used on them.
Disposable mats may also be worth a look. These are usually of limited size, but may solve the problem in some areas. We are seeing these used under wall mounted urinals to absorb spatter that will harm the finish over time. Other types and sizes are available.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN associate editor for ATEX

Answer #2.
Another option may be to test some of the new semi-permanent coating that have recently become available on the market. Multi-Clean has one this is an epoxy-based product and is cured with ultra-violet light. Another similar product is Gloss Tech 100, which is water, based but is a high solids content product that is applied much like paint with a roller and is rumored to have excellent resistance to spots and spills as well. There is also a specialty contractor that specializes in applying and maintaining such products in health care and other types of facilities.
Bill Griffin, ATEX/ICAN Editor