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Sunday, November 29, 2015


My crew is going to the union because I took their dust mops away. I gave them all ProTeam Coach Vac back packs. They are telling the union that they are not as good as the dust mops. I need some information backing my decision.


I'm not sure that taking their dust mops away is exactly the best thing to do; there are some areas of a school that may still need a dust mop (cafeterias after lunch, stairwells without outlets, etc.).
There is an excellent training brochure that ProTeam will provide you for each of your custodians FREE of charge titled the ProTeam Super Coach Vac SIMPLIFIED. It has a very simple training program that each wearer of the vacuum needs to go through step by step. It also contains a summary of all the established scientific and healthcare benefits related to the Super Coach.
I know that union grievances can be a lot of work. We have found it is fundamentally important to install the vacuum by following an established set of protocols. I first learned this eleven years ago at the University of Massachusetts. We were tied up with the union on issues like this for two years, averaging six grievances per month. Today, you can't pry the vacuums away from the employees and there hasn't been a grievance in over four years. We've never had a transition problem since.
Our organization has installed thousands of ProTeam Super Coach Vacs in hundreds of facilities nationwide. Many of these organizations employ union cleaners.
I hope this is helpful; call me if you want to talk.
John Walker
ManageMen, Inc.