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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Dealing with carpet cleaning- define "encapsulation". John Calhoun


Answer: #1
The basic concept is simple. Modern encapsulation chemistry releases the soil particles from the carpet fiber and chemically encloses them in “capsules” that can later be removed by dry vacuuming. Good progress has been made in the development of products that actually dry around the soil particles and prevent them from re-attaching to the carpet fibers. This should not be confused with the manufacturing process termed encapsulation which penetrates a fiber bundle with latex adhesive to prevent pilling.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN associate editor for ATEX

Answer # 2
Encapsulations Mist Cleaning (Mist and Brush) utilized a pre-spray made of embrittling (polymer surfactant) agents as opposed to just surfactants. Variations on the pre-spray may include a wide range in pH and the aid of solvents.
First the carpet is vacuumed then pre-sprayed with the encapsulate product. The carpet is agitated with a dual cylinder brush machine that rotate in opposite directions.
When the carpet is dry - generally about 30 minutes - a crystallized solid is formed on the carpet fibers. The dry soil and encapsulate product are then vacuumed from the carpet. This constitutes the soil removal.
This method seems best suited as an low moisture interim cleaning method
Aaron Groseclose
MasterBlend Inc.