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Monday, November 30, 2015


I remember when all you needed to neutralize a floor with salt on it was to add a little vinegar to your water. Todayís products leave floors looking smeared and blotchy. Iíve tried all kinds of neutralizers and rinses to no avail. Hot water, cold water, nothing seems to remove the salt anymore. Could someone recommend a product that works?


Part of the problem, as you note, may be that common rock salt is no longer the only ice melt product used. Often calcium chloride, with its affinity for moisture, is put down. And there are other compounds and combinations of compounds on the market.
I recommend you first mop with a neutral cleaner to capture the bulk of the mess and then do a separate rinse mopping with vinegar or whatever commercial neutralizer you select. Ask your Jan-San supplier for some suggestions or do an on-line search.
Donít mix the neutralizer with the detergent solution since they have different purposes and need to be used in sequence.
Keep all mops clean, and be certain the rinse water allows for cleaning the mop head and not just supplying dirty solution to spread around the floor. All too often insufficient solution is in the bucket to adequately flush residues from the mop heads and that will lead to smears and blotches as well. You canít clean a mop head in a gallon of mop water; fill the bucket.
Lynn E Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor