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Saturday, October 10, 2015


We are currently seeking to change the way we clean carpets at our facility. We are using hot water extraction and bonnet cleaning on 8 yr. old carpet with heavy traffic. The person who cleans the carpet is going to retire and I've suggested a couple of different options: 1). To continue to clean the carpets as we are now (which is at 5 am and never letting the carpet totally dry before the foot traffic comes in) Totally wrong. 2) Switch carpet cleaning to night time or weekend activity. 3) Contract hall and entrance way areas to outside contractors 3x / year. 4) Invest in a low moisture type system such as Von Schrader and clean them at night in- house. 5) Buy a self-propelled walk-behind extractor and clean them in-house at night. We maybe getting new carpeting throughout the building (36,000 sq. ft.) possibly carpet squares. Will any one system be better than the others?


Carpet cleaning definitely should be done only when there is enough time for it to dry before foot traffic begins, so moving it to nights and weekends is the way to go.
Any of the options you list will work. Your decision depends on your preferences.
The bonneting you are now doing, done properly, is a good low moisture system that doesn’t require special equipment except for a sprayer and the pads.
Hot water extraction, when drying time is sufficient, will reduce residues that cause resoiling problems.
The heavy hall and entry cleaning may be better done by a contractor with a truckmount, but the walk-behind may be a good choice here if there is room to maneuver.
ncapsulant cleaning (low moisture) will also allow for quick drying.
Your best choice may be a combination of methods determined by the degree of resoiling and the drying time you have available.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor