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Sunday, October 04, 2015


We have a problem with the floors in the produce area of a grocery store. After cleaning at night, employees would come in with carts full of veggies that drip onto the floor. Lettuce and other veggies are thrown onto the floor. Then they would clean up with a hose and a squeegee. The concrete paint and finish have gotten worse and started breaking in the veggie area. I would like to know if this would cause the finish to soften and start to break up like a natural stripper and whether we should use a stronger finish and would it make any difference. I have tried to get them to throw waste into a trash can and use mats to prevent drips onto the floor, but no one seems to care or listen.


Do you remember Ron White’s famous line, “You can’t fix stupid”? I doubt you can do much with those causing this problem.
The concrete paint is peeling due to the excessive moisture from the veggies and hosing the floor. If the surface is constantly damp you cannot get a floor finish or a paint to adhere properly.
Neither paint or finish is intended to handle nightly flooding. Waterproof coatings are available, but they must be put down on dry, prepared surfaces and it doesn’t look as if that is going to happen.
Explain the problem to the manager and make it his or hers to solve. You are there to clean, not perform miracles. If people trash the floor as soon as it has been cleaned, maybe you can change the time when you do the work.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor