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Sunday, November 29, 2015


II have been researching green cleaning custodial products (including equipment) over the last several months. Many companies are making claims about their green products. How do I distinguish and analyze which companies products are 1) Green; and 2) The best available? I have been reviewing products that are certified by Green Seal. Your thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.


One source you should include in your research is the (OS1) Users Group, a non- profit organization. They are a world class group of organizations who benchmark best practices (select products and systems) and compete with each other on cleaning excellence.
They have been mentioned by both Dr. Jeff Campbell (BYU) and Dr.
Michael Berry (EPA & UNC retired) as the best of the best. I'm connected with the group so I have to disclose that up front, but they are doing great things with "green" and the built environment. Check out their website at

John Walker, President
ManageMen, Inc.

Janitor University

ISSA Director of Education and Training