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Sunday, November 29, 2015


We have huge area rugs made of wool and faux silk in public areas. As per manufacturer's specifications, we can only dry clean them. Please advise what the best way is to clean them? Can we use the HOST powder system?


Wow. Huge area rugs in public -- I assume high traffic -- areas that the manufacturer says cannot be wet cleaned. First off, you should try to get a few questions answered by the manufacturer:
1. Faux silk is fake or artificial silk. Knowing what it isn't won't help you figure out how to clean it, knowing what it is, might. See if you can find out.
2. What exactly does the manufacturer recommend for cleaning? Can they give you the name of product, process or of companies in the area that can provide this service?
3. Is there a warranty involved? If there is a warranty involved, I suggest you follow the manufacturer's specific directions. Then, if the rugs don't perform, the manufacturer can't
blame the cleaning. If there is no warranty involved, contact one or more professional rug cleaning specialists in your area and ask them to look at them and give you cleaning recommendations and an estimate. Especially in
the case of the wool rug, it is likely that they will find that it can be safely and effectively wet cleaned. You might want to look for an inplant cleaning operation vs a truckmounted unit for this type of rug. And yes, you should be able to use the Host system without a problem, but I'd test carefully before using any system, wet or dry on these rugs.
John Downey