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Friday, November 27, 2015


Floor care would seem to be the most difficult thing to accomplish with day cleaning? How does one manage stripping/waxing and vacuuming operations? Do organizations using this method receive negative feedback from building occupants related to odors and/or noise?


With preventive and proper floor maintenance, stripping in most facilities is needed once per year or less often and is generally scheduled outside normal day cleaning hours on weekends, early in the morning or in the evening. Today's "quiet" vacuums can be used pretty much any time during the day or in the early morning hours to avoid any interruption or interaction with a customerís staff. A conversion to day cleaning seldom generates complains, in fact in most cases, there are fewer complaints and more happy customers. When building occupants are able to put a face with those doing the cleaning they are less likely to complain and more likely to discuss any minor issues with the cleaner directly, thus avoiding calls to the building manager or supervisor. Turnover often goes down as most employees prefer to work days so they can have a normal family life. Day cleaning opens up an entirely new labor pool for contractors; those employees who can or will only work days. Certainly day cleaning isnít for every location, but where it can or must be used, and after a short adjustment period, is generally well received.
Bill Garland, Consultant
Daniels and Associates Inc.
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada