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Friday, October 09, 2015


Is there a national average for Hospital Housekeeper turnover? We are researching our current turnover rate and would like to bench mark it. Is there an expected and/or average turn over rate for Hospital, Housekeeper 1 and Housekeeper 2?


As with many housekeeping positions, hospital housekeeping jobs have a high turnover rate due to the generally low rate of pay. I have no access to specific figures for the industry, but they are no doubt high.
Just as I would advise against using the poor track record of others in your industry for benchmarking hospital-induced illnesses, so would I suggest you not do this with the housekeeping turnover.
Your best approach is to benchmark against yourself. Track all hires and fires. Contact people who leave or plan to, and conduct exit interviews to determine why. Do some polling to see if low pay or other factors are discouraging people from staying long term. Ask your people why and look at the records. Then, try different corrective actions and track their effectiveness. Soon you will have a valid benchmark for your unique setting that will mean a lot more than that of others who also may be less than accurate in their studies.
We all too often try to do a fraction better than industry norms when we really should be leaps and bounds better to make a real difference. Having said that, you may wish to contact other facilities in your area (hospitals hundreds and thousands of miles away offer little relevant to you) to talk with them about their experiences. The Internet may show some studies that can help.
Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor