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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


I have veteran floor care staff telling me that they use glass cleaner for spot cleaning carpets. However, I seem to remember reading a source that said that was not good, but now I cannot find the source. Can anyone help?


In my experience, glass cleaners are usually either ammonia or vinegar-based. An ammonia-based glass cleaner would probably be an effective spotter, but the pH is WAY too high for carpet. The stain-resist and/or fluorochemical treatments have likely been stripped away where the glass cleaner was used, if it is ammonia-based. If the glass cleaner is vinegar-based, it's less likely to have damaged the carpet, but it would not be an effective carpet spotter.
Either way, they should not be using glass cleaner to spot clean carpet.The Carpet & Rug Institute has a Seal of Approval program with a list of tested and approved (for safety and effectiveness) cleaning and spotting products. The information is available on their Website:
John Downey, Founder, Cleanfax magazine
Trainer, (OS1) Carpet Care
Owner, Downey's Carpet Care of Granville

Answer #2:
In addition to the above advice, there is one other concern. There are some national brands that have a blue dye added to the glass cleaner. On a light colored carpet, even a heat transfer dye removal process will not remove the blue color.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
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