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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


How do you get urine and urine stains out of terrazzo floors in high traffic men’s restrooms?


Answer # 1.
1. Strip the damaged area with a build-up removal pad and strong stripper. Squeegee and observe the results. If the urine damaged area is close to matching the undamaged area, apply a heavy mop rinse. The appearance and color match you observe will be the same as after applying 4 coats of finish.
2. If still stained, apply Comet with bleach, and scrub with a strip pad or carefully use a 100 mesh sanding screen (placed under the strip pad). This solution MUST remain wet at all times or the floor will be damaged. Squeegee, rinse and observe.
3. If the floor is still stained, apply phosphoric acid diluted 1:3. (Note: It is much safer on terrazzo than hydrochloric acid). Some bowl cleaners contain 20% phosphoric. Scrub with a strip pad, squeegee off, and rinse.
Do not mix chemicals or combine the three steps. All chemical residues must be removed completely before going to the next step. Also, rinse strip pads between steps. (Mixing Comet and phosphoric acid together releases hazardous chlorine gas). Occasionally, the stain will have penetrated deep into the terrazzo and may not be correctable.
A product producing phenomenal results on carpet is CTI Urine Stain Remover. It is very high in hydrogen peroxide. In fact, it turns your fingers white, fizzes and burns any cuts. I haven’t tried it on hard surfaces, but on carpet it is unmatched. The directions indicate it can take 3-4 hours for the stain to “bleach out”.
You may need to install a rubber mat under the urinals.

Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
(719) 598-5112

Answer # 2.
If the above doesn't work or eats a hole in the floor, use a Jack Hammer.
Bill Griffin