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Saturday, November 28, 2015


My company uses dry ice blasting as a method for cleaning industrial facilities and their manufacturing equipment. I would like to know if my company qualifies for Green-Seal or LEED Certification. If so, what paperwork do I need to file to get this certification?


The LEED certifications from the USGBC are only for buildings. You can help a property owner/manager earn certain credits within LEED by using certain sustainable products and practices as outlined in the particular credit criteria. Your cleaning process might be included as part of a green cleaning program for credit, or it might even qualify for an Innovation Credit. Summary documents describing each credit with each LEED certification can be found (with some digging) on their website:
Green Seal has very specific rating systems, most of which are product oriented. While there is a Cleaning certification it really encompasses all aspects of commercial cleaning operations within a facility. I don't believe you will find a Green Seal Certification that your process can earn, but again, you can find out about all of their programs on their website:
Mike Hofer, LEED Accredited Professional
Marsden Holding, L.L.C.