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Sunday, October 04, 2015


I have oak parquet flooring on some stage floors in some schools. We sweep and damp mop with water as needed. What can we do to enhance the luster?


That depends on several factors. I'd say more research is needed. First if you know who manufactured or installed the flooring, I'd check with them first to see what they suggest. If it's an old floor and no one knows for sure who made it or what type of coating or finish is on it now, I'd see if I could get a couple of wood floor refinishing contractors to come in and take a look and discuss what they'd do and how much it would cost. You'll probably learn a lot from the process and may get a good price as well. You may also be able to hire a contractor to do one or two of the floors and train you in the process so your staff can do the others that need work. Beyond that, how it was manufactured, what type of wood it is, what type of coating is on it and what condition it's in will determine what should be done to maintain or restore the floor to it's original beauty. If it's in good condition and there is a finish or coatiing of some type on it, I'd suggest running a burnisher with a white pad over a small area of the floor to see if that improves it any. If not, you may have to lightly screen the floor and recoat it with a water base finish that is suitable for use on wood flooring. There are also some chemical refinishing options that don't require screening before recoating.