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Thursday, October 08, 2015


How can I start my commercial cleaning company?


First, go to the ISSA website ( and download the CIMS material. You will have to register, but that will be something you will want to do anyway. This is the business management end of the cleaning service industry and you will not last long without knowing and applying these essentials.
Next, start searching for startup guides. Don Aslett has some excellent ones. None of his aids is expensive; “Cleaning Up for a Living” is a good starter.
Bill Griffin has a 600 page monster for reference, if you need detail on how to do what needs to be done. See:
The IICRC ( has courses in many aspects of cleaning.
Some schools such as Janitor University ( offer advanced courses in the field.
Make use of the CMM and other Internet information boards to get questions answered.
It will be a lot of learning and hard work, but welcome to an honorable and rewarding service occupation.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Associate Editor