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Tuesday, September 01, 2015


What is the cost of green cleaning based on, per sq. ft, per window, etc? What should I typically expect to pay per sq. ft., etc? And is there a website that shows me market trends on green cleaning?


In this day and age, “green” cleaning is not an unfamiliar term and the cost of doing it should not be much different from any other sort of cleaning. Labor costs drive the pricing of general cleaning. Using “green” materials and following certain procedures to avoid air and water pollution doesn’t add much to the labor cost.
Environmentally responsible cleaning, despite what you may hear from the agenda-driven, has always been the goal of truly professional cleaners. No one really wants to carelessly burn his skin and restroom chrome with harsh acids or fill her lungs with vacuum dust from torn filter bags.
Carpet cleaners have always been aware of the inadvisability of leaving residues in the fibers. Proper ventilation of areas when using VOCs has always been a desirable thing.
We are now seeing greater focus on these health issues, but they are hardly new. The labor costs have not increased dramatically; in fact, they may have decreased due to the availability of more efficient equipment. Anyone who wants to charge you more for doing conscientious (Green) cleaning should be viewed as you would a surgeon who tells you that for a few dollars more he will not let you bleed to death on the table.
As to trends, do a Web search on “marketing green cleaning” and see what appeals to you. There is a lot out there, but some of it may be suspect. Use your own good judgment.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor