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Friday, November 27, 2015


Newly installed VCT has burned spots now from burnishing. I have to decide if the problem is the contractorís or the person using the floor machine. Some tiles have small bumps in them from maybe something under the tile. I am thinking that the burnisher was used too long in one spot and caused the burned spots. Can you advise me on this type of problem? How many coats of sealer/finish should be used for high traffic? And lastly, how long should the last coat sit and cure before the floor is used full force?


If the floor tech is trained, itís unlikely burn spots would be caused by leaving the machine too long in one place. If there is a burn where the machine encountered a high spot, it is because the burnishing pad exerts increased pressure due to the irregular projection. When you inspect the floor from six feet away and by catching light reflections, you will be able to identify high spots. If itís a major protrusion, there is no way to avoid a pad burn. It should be the installerís responsibility to correct them, or to avoid them by leveling the floor in the first place.
The required coats of finish can depend upon the solids content and manufacturerís directions. Four coats of a high solids finish are normally sufficient for high traffic areas. It can be difficult to obtain proper curing overnight when applying more than four coats. Dry time for careful walking is normally 30 minutes unless the humidity is high. Try to wait a couple of hours before replacing furniture. However, the cure time before sliding boxes would normally be 24-48 hours and longer when attempting to burnish.

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