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Monday, August 31, 2015


How I can find building cleaning accounts?


There are many effective way to find accounts and expand your business, here's a look at some common options:
1. Make cold calls and leave a brochure and business card. This approach works quite well. “I want to ask your manager if I could leave a free cleaning proposal. It would serve as a back up bid just in case your cleaning people quit.”
2. Phone prospects from a target account list available on-line from the Denver library or from Info USA. Use a script that offers a free estimate. Consider hiring and training your own telemarketer.
3. Join a leads exchange club. There are several to pick from in most cities.
4. Network with general contractors, commercial realtors, owners of the various building trades, and with the staff of local janitorial supply firms. Make sure they have plenty of your business cards. Post your card on bulletin boards.
5. Use a post card mail-out to your target account list. Make sure it is professionally designed as a direct response mailer.
6. Implement a consistent follow up program with post cards, phone calls, and emails. You must regularly make contact to keep your name fresh in their minds. When the “itch cycle” hits, you will be available to meet their needs.
7. Consider the advertising power of calendars, note pads, pens etc. from advertising specialty companies.
8. Approach all the people you know (especially other company owners you do business with) and ask them for referrals. Tell your neighbor you will buy them dinner if they help you land the business where they work.
9. Ask for referrals from present customers.
Once you generate leads:
· Make sure your literature and presentation materials are surpassingly attractive.
· Ensure that your bid pricing is accurate and competitive.
· Develop impeccable references based upon delivering excellent service to all of your customers.
· Tweak your presentation skills to ensure that you can address all the prospect’s concerns and are able to push all the right buttons.
· Consider purchasing training programs and attending seminars that focus on marketing and bidding of cleaning contracts.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp
(719) 598-5112