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Wednesday, September 02, 2015


How do I remove tar from carpet?


First, apply a spotting gel that is formulated for tar removal and safe to use on carpet. This treatment keeps both solvent and discoloration from running to the base of the carpet. If the tar is heavily caked, you may need to carefully snip the tip of the fibers with duckbill scissors prior to treatment. Agitate gel slightly. Allow it to dwell as required on the product label.
Next, blot with white absorbent towel. Repeat the operation, if necessary, until tar is removed. If the affected area is extremely large, yet light, you could bonnet clean the carpet with a rotary floor machine to absorb dissolved tar.
Finally, hot water extract to rinse all chemical and residues. Apply acidic rinse diluted 1:5 in a trigger sprayer to any remaining stains and then extract.

Gary Clipperton
ProClean College
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