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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Of all the various Green Certifications offered, can you suggest one that would be a safer bet than another? I have found so many certifications, and now have doubts as to who would be the best.


Frankly, all certifications are as meaningful as the holder wishes them to be. I’ve seen LEED-EB certified facilities using wasteful bleached c-fold towels, a simple thing to control.
When you are certified as green, you must work daily at keeping in line with the sustainability practices that protect the environment, meaning that getting a certificate is only the first step. Doing things correctly just long enough to earn a certification or a plaque to hang on the office wall is a waste of everyone’s time, and makes the one doing so a true phony for which, unfortunately, there is no award to display.
My recommendation is to seek the ISSA’s CIMS certification, which now includes a green section, if you wish it. This program addresses the sound business practices you need to follow to offer good service to the customer and has the backing of ISSA and the recognition of many facility administrators and the industry as a whole.
Check here for more details:
Even if you decide that the cost of actual certification is too much to cover initially, knowledge of the principles given will be of great value and offer sound practices to implement.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor