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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We’ve had a couple of issues with people slipping and falling on our terrazzo floors after they were sealed and finished with Phazer Monostar. Does Monostar finish used on terrazzo floors make the floors slippery?


We could address this to Ecolab, but I suspect their lab testing of Phazar Monostar’s slip resistance shows it to be equal to that of other finishes. However, the Ecolab finish for porous flooring is called Phazer Resilient and Stone Sealer/Finish and is formulated for terrazzo. This may be the better choice for durability, but I doubt slip resistance will increase.
What many people forget is that, with proper lubrication, anyone can slip on almost any surface. Bare concrete is rough, but decrease the traction with a water film, snow, grease, ice, or whatever and careless walking will lead to a slip and fall incident.
Make certain you have matting in place at entrances so footwear is somewhat clean before reaching the terrazzo. The same is true in labs and other locations where friction-reducing substances can make the floors slippery.
Mopping practices should be such that films of detergent residue and other dissolved materials are not left on the floor to make it slick when moisture is present on footwear. Mopping that doesn’t remove all dissolved or suspended substances will result in their being deposited on the floor when the water evaporates.
This finish itself is not likely to be unusually slippery, but these deposits can be.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor