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Thursday, October 08, 2015


Our newly constructed Culinary Arts Building has been open for approximately 2 months. The general contractor decided to let us move into the building, and then came back over the Christmas break and "stained" the poured concrete hallway. It is my belief that they used an epoxy type of finish and now we are told we should "protect" this with 2 coats of wax. Has anyone heard of waxing over a stained finish like this and if so, what type of finish would you recommend? Something acrylic, high solids? My fear is that we’re going to create a maintenance nightmare by doing this and we’ll be constantly re-coating this floor to make it look good.


You are probably correct regarding the maintenance nightmare. I'd start by finding out exactly what (manufacturer and product) the General Contractor used to stain the floor. Then, I'd follow up with the manufacturer to see what they recommend for cleaning and coating. Most concrete floors are sealed with an acrylic or urethane type concrete sealer; other polymers and natural waxes can be used, but are not practical for commercial locations or outdoors.
The best approach would have been to stain the concrete and then polish and densify the surface with a concrete hardener. This would have eliminated the costly need to seal, strip, and recoat the floor on a regular basis, and it would have given you a much better looking floor. You may wish to do this down the road a bit if it wasn't done already.
A good source of info is: Search on Google for more info and you'll find plenty. If you really want to get an education about concrete, you can attend the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas the first week of February.

Bill Griffin, President
Cleaning Consultant Services, Inc.