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Sunday, October 04, 2015


Iím in the Syracuse, NY area and I need some info on bidding. What is a normal estimate that one person can clean per sq. foot per hr.? Do you charge separately or all together when you bid? Do you charge for how many garbage cans to empty, how many bathrooms to clean, the sq. footage to vacuum, sweep, or mop, or do you just add everything together no matter what the cleaning is per sq. ft.? What is the commercial charge right now a square foot? How do I analyze and come up with a fair square footage charge? What is a fair profit to pocket per year from a cleaning contract?


The leading mistake new contractors make is to assume that one size fits all. For example, your cleaning production rate can run 1,000 sq. ft per hour on a small account cleaned twice a month. An account that is 3,000 to 4,000 square feet cleaned once a week might run in the 2,000 square feet per hour range. A 7,000 square foot account cleaned three times a week might average 2,800 square feet per hour. A 50,000 square foot contract cleaned five times a week might run over 3,500 square feet per hour.
You must consider the cleaning specifications, cleaning frequency, size of the building, density level of occupants, use of the building, and several other cleaning variables to project your production rate. A large number of heavily used rest rooms will slow down your productivity. You can itemize each cleaning task in the building or use bidding software that does it for you.
Depending upon size, you will likely find small buildings starting at 20 cents a square foot per month and going down to 6 cents for large high-rise office buildings. Carpet and floor care and window washing is normally quoted extra by the square foot. Your mark up above all expenses might start at 70% and dwindle down to 7% on a million square feet. With this in mind, it is best to invest in training programs, seminars, or software that will coach you on how to adjust for each building.

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