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Saturday, September 05, 2015


I want to figure out how much to charge for stripping and refinishing a VCT floor.


There are several variables that have an impact on pricing. Once you are experienced, pricing by the square foot is the fastest method. However, your floor care survey form must include the extent of difficulty, which is often dependent upon the degree of heavy build up and the requirements for detailed edging. The amount of furniture to move is a major consideration as well as the room sizes. With all of this in mind, your pricing for a small and difficult job could start at 50 cents a square foot and range down to below 20 cents for a large supermarket. The number of required coats of finish also affects your pricing.
If you calculate your pricing by the hour, you might find your production rate as low as 120 square feet per hour or as high as 500 square feet per hour. This will be determined by the effectiveness of your stripper and the efficiency and size of your equipment as well as your personal work speed. Some contractors total up the estimated labor, equipment, and chemical costs and then triple that to arrive at the billing rate.

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