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Monday, November 30, 2015


Can you advise me on where to get a good video on restrooms cleaning from start to finish, or do you have a source that I can refer to on this subject, especially on cross contamination? What is the national average of square footage per person in West Virginia, given that we are in the coal mining area of the state, on a college campus with dorms included, as well as academic buildings? Average of 1,000,000 square feet on campus.


Three ICAN members market a rest room cleaning video. You can find details at: or or
Also, some of the manufacturers of disinfectants and rest room cleaning equipment distribute cleaning videos.
Of course, all the contact points in a rest room including doorknobs, dispensing machines, sinks and toilet and urinal flush valves become a focal point for hygienic cleaning and disinfecting.
Regarding the production time for a college campus, there are several variables that will affect the rates. These might include:
1. The interruption level for custodians to handle special requests.
2. The soil load coming into and being generated inside the buildings.
3. The size of and productivity of cleaning equipment.
4. Overall cleaning specifications (individual task frequencies).
5. General training and speed of crews.
With that in mind, you would probably be looking at 21,000 square feet per shift with challenging soil conditions.

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