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Saturday, October 10, 2015


How much should we charge for washing walls in a garage? Trying to guess it would be 50 cents a sq. ft. Garage is two sides at 120x80x25. I need to turn my bid in today. Any help would be appreciated.


I suspect by now (about three weeks after we got your request) you know whether your 50 cents per sq. ft. worked out well or not. I also suspect it did not.
Using your numbers, you are cleaning 480,000 sq. ft. of wall. 2 (120x80x25) Your proposed charge for doing this (if the numbers are accurate) is $240,000. This is a significant amount, probably much too high for a wall washing.
Your production rate is unknown to us. Are you working with a scrub brush and a bucket, or a pressure washer? If the latter, what is its capability? How soiled is the wall? What is the nature of the soiling, dust or oils?
So, beyond the impossibility of responding in such a short timeframe, we are faced with a lot of unknowns about the work and your operation.
As with many lately, I will refer you to the ATEX archives for more information.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor