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Friday, October 09, 2015


Is there an uncomplicated way of stripping a 200 square feet section in the middle of a larger floor area which has about 10 coats of floor finish on it? I need to strip this small section, refinish, and blend (using a propane buffer) the damaged area into the main floor area. I anticipate having difficulty containing the stripper in a well-defined area. How do I prevent the stripper from leaching?


There are a couple of different approaches to spot stripping and blending, but itís not an easy job. The one I prefer is to use large cardboard boxes that are double thickness. Determine your break-off point and tape the boxes to the floor. Three inch masking tape works fine. If you donít have at least three feet of walk-off area next to carpet, then place old door mats to extend the area.
Do not apply the stripper heavy. With 10 coats, you may need two strip-outs. It would probably be safest to mix the stripper in a gallon jug, carefully apply it to the floor, and spread with a doodle bug. Work the edges and then machine the center. Remove the strip pad and place in a plastic bag along with the drive brush and hand pad holder.
Wet vac and rinse with clear water. Wipe down equipment and remove from the area. Next, remove the tape and boxes. Be careful not to dribble or track any wasted slurry onto the good floor. Install a #96 green scrub pad over the mop head and lightly scrub the line of demarcation (where the bare floor meets the finished area). Using a 5Ē blade scraper, lightly work the line of demarcation to produce a total blend. Pull the scraper toward you at a 45 degree angle. Do a final rinse with clear water and inspect for uniformity.
When the floor is dry, use a flat mop or backpack to cut-in the bare area with floor finish. Use care not to overlap onto the previously finished area. Apply sufficient coats to match the shine, but apply each coat thinly. Normally, apply no more than 5 coats per day. Finally, wait a day or two before propane buffing.

Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean Corp.
(719) 598-5112