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Saturday, August 29, 2015


What is the proper cleaning procedure for an elementary classroom? I need to know where to start, exactly what needs to be done? I also need to start a basic training program for new hires. We clean green.


May I suggest that you have a daily cleaning task list, and
then perhaps a once a week (such as Wednesday) "detail" or "project" list for heavier more detail cleaning. On the daily cleaning task, the custodian should empty the trashcans and replace liners (if soiled), empty pencil sharpener, pick up litter around furniture and desks, and service the white board/trays. On a second pass through each room, the individual should vacuum/dust mop and remove any visible spots or soil. On the final pass, the custodian should disinfect the sinks/counters, desktops, door handle, and telephone, and then secure (light off, heat down, windows and doors locked) the room after inspecting the area. With proper training and equipment this should take about 18-20 minutes per classroom to complete. If students and teachers assist by stacking chairs, aligning the desks, remove all litter from the floor and debris from the sink, and putting the trash cans by the door, the time can be cut by 5 minutes or more per room or the custodian will have additional time to do more cleaning of each area.
Regarding detail cleaning, have the custodian empty the trash and vacuum the aisles, and then spot clean windows/mirrors, spots the carpet and burnish floors, disinfect waste bins, etc. Hope this helps.
Perry Shimanoff, President
MC2 Management Consultants