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Sunday, October 04, 2015


I just completed a project where we had to scrub & finish 150,000 square feet of VCT but only in 5,000 square foot sections due to it being a construction remodel with gondolas and what not being moved and repositioned. Do you have any tips on cutting and/or blending the lines? The finish provided by the big box retailer was from SC Johnson, one of their high maintenance, high gloss finishes. When were able to do complete stores in a matter of a couple of nights, we usually overlap our stripping, under lap our finishing, and than are able to connect on the next night with minimal lines. This....was another story, help! Were bidding on a lot of these projects and though it was quite profitable, Im always looking to excel.


If over-lapping the stripping and under-lapping the finishing does not work, your next best solution is to tape cardboard to the floor along your cutoff line. Apply 3 inch wide masking tape to cardboard that is 2 feet wide. Make sure the tape cuts an exact line along the side of the tile. Go easy on the scrub operation so as not to flood the cardboard or abrade the tape.
On the last rinse, pull up the tape and cardboard. Work the edge (line of demarcation) with a 5x9 green pad installed over the mop head to get an exact blend. Razor scrape if necessary. Use a flat mop or backpack applicator to cut in the line when applying the finish. To deliver a flawless match, normally propane or high-speed burnishing is required to blend the start and stop lines.

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