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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


What can I do about cigarette smoke residue on walls and carpeting?


You will first need to assess the amount of damage. Once you walk in, normally your nose will detect the degree of smoke abatement that is required. If it is heavy, you will need to:
a) Wash and paint all the walls and ceilings.
b) Wash all the windows, ceiling fans, cabinets, doors, trim, clean the drapes and Venetian blinds.
c) Clean the carpet with hot water extraction and a commercial deodorizer.
d) Replace the furnace filter.
e) Set an ozone machine at the furnace cold air intake register and run it for about two days with the furnace fan ON. Ozone machine setting (depending upon size) would be at dial.
Ozone will oxidize the smoke residue in the air ducts and furnace. Make sure there are warning signs to prohibit entry and block off access while the machine is in operation. Remove any organic matter such as plants, which will be affected by the ozone.
Only experienced technicians should place the ozone machine (as inexperienced operators may incur liability). Allow one hour of intense ventilation after turning off the ozone machine before occupancy.
With slight smoke damage, you may be able to clean the carpet, and fog the remainder of the structure with a smoke removal chemical and/or possibly wash the interior walls and ceilings.

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