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Saturday, November 28, 2015


What procedure should be used for cleaning tile & grout? I donít have a Turbo machine, just a standard floor machine. Any suggestions on the most efficient way to do this? What type of brush is necessary?


Here are a couple of other grout cleaning choices not mentioned before: Host, the maker of a dry absorbent powder cleaner for carpeting, is now marketing their product for the cleaning of ceramic tile and grout. Considering the mess and cost involved with wet cleaning, it's worth giving the process a test. For more info visit:
Another product you may want to look at to remove those hard to get out stains and build up is the: Grout Eraser:

Here's my standard procedure for ceramic tile and grout cleaning: Test clean a small (6 inch by 6 inch) area to determine your product and procedure before attempting to do a larger area or the entire floor. Depending on what has been put on the floor in the past (topical finish or just soil buildup), you should be able to use a stripper and with a flexible nylon grit brush or black nylon carpet shampoo brush under your floor machine. Be prepared to go slow (allow 15 minutes dwell time and keep it wet), do a lot of hand work on the areas and grout lines that don't come clean the first time and to repeat the process two or three times to get the results you desire. If that doesn't work, you may need to acid etch the grout ( Use a commerical product made for this purpose and follow the directions closely. Again test in small area first. Once the floor is clean, let it dry 12 to 24 hours and then seal with an impregnator type sealer. If the above procedures don't give the desire results, you may need to recolor or replace the grout.
Other options include pressure washing and vapor cleaning.
We don't normally mention products by name here, but when we come across something that new or unique that may be of help to others we like to pass along the information as well.

Bill Griffin, President