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Sunday, November 29, 2015


How many hours/employees are needed to clean a building that is 177,000 sq. ft.? Basic general cleaning, i.e. dusting, trash pickup, floors, and restrooms.


One of our correspondents says, “Most large schools clean in the neighborhood of 3,600 sq. ft per hour. Of course, exact specifications and conditions require a plus or minus 20% variation.”
Using those figures with your dimensions, we have 6.146 employees working full speed for a full 8 hour shift. In reality, that won’t happen. It is hard to keep up that pace for that long.
Why not see where you are now? Take the number of people you employ in this building and figure their production rate. 177,000/x employees/8 hours=sq.ft. per hr.per person This may be an average, but you have to start somewhere.
Now, what can you do to increase productivity? Faster machines? Bigger dust mops? Autoscrubbers? Backpacks? Can the project be team cleaned to save time?
Whatever you do will be yours and reflect the circumstances you have, not those of others. You may not find it possible to match what others are doing in some areas, but you may better the times in others.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor