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Tuesday, October 06, 2015


What's the best way to remove beer, cheese dip, ketchup, and mustard stains from concrete steps, isles, and rows before, during, or after mopping? Is there something I could add to the water other than detergent and bleach that would break these down. The floors often remain sticky after mopping, especially after the beer is flowing and spectators are bouncing off the walls.


Answer # 1.
Id try a pressure washer with a shroud or capture device of some type or a water broom. Several are available on the market that are made for use with portable or truck mounted carpet extractors. The pressure washing industry is another source of similar equipment. If stains remain after cleaning, apply an enzyme digester or foam type detergent, allow adequate dwell time, then rinse and vacuum dry.
Bill Griffin, President

Answer # 2.
Heavy cleaning demands require heavy-duty measures. More than likely the best approach will be a multi-step process. Your challenge reminds me of one I encountered in the early 70's when I conducted cleaning seminars for dairy
farmers. To improve their sanitation program they had to remove a lot of "extraneous material" before they were ready to clean. With that in mind try this approach:
1. Sweep up and remove all extraneous material.
2. Apply a moderate detergent solution with sprayer, foamer, or high pressure washer, ensuring that moisture does not affect electrical, mechanical, or delicate surfaces.
3. After 10 min. of contact time, move the solution to the lowest points using a foam squeegee.
4. Pick up puddles with a wet vac.
5. Mop the floor, as normal.
Steps 1-4 will reduce the problem of soil overload, improving the results for step five.
Gary Clipperton
National Pro Clean
(719) 598-5112