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Friday, October 09, 2015


I am being asked to provide post construction clean up on a new 125,000 sq. ft. building. We have been in the cleaning business over 20 years, but on the few post clean ups we did, the company basically told us what they were willing to pay so we did not have to bid. I am trying to figure a production rate for a seasoned cleaning crew. This new company has a lot more work if our bid is right.


Look back into your records and find the payout in labor for those older clean up projects. Compare that to your payment from the construction company. Was that sufficient to give you a profit after all the costs of the job were covered?
If not, you need to charge more, obviously.
If you do not know for certain the costs you face and the time you need for completion of the work, why not suggest an hourly charge per man? You can cap it for their safety.
Tell the company that you want to be on the mark on the pricing and ask to do one project in this way to establish a fair rate. This is too large a building to take a wild guess. At 1000 sq. ft. per hour, you would be looking at 125 man hours or 15 people to do it in an 8 hour shift. And it could be closer to 100 sq. ft. per hour. It all depends on the mess you are left, the tasks you are assigned, and the tools you have at your disposal.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor