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Saturday, November 28, 2015


How many custodians are needed to clean a facility with 214,000 sq. ft. of building space with obstructed rooms?


Your staffing level depends upon the cleaning specifications and frequencies and individual factors that affect production rates. In addition, a church usually encounters chair set ups as well as after hour weddings/meetings. So, it is difficult to expect a national standard to apply to all churches.
In your case, if your custodians cleaned at 3,600 sq. ft. per hour (a normal production rate), it would take 59.44 hours each time to clean your complete facility. With a seven hour shift, that would convert to 8.5 FTE's.
You would then need to factor in window washing, floor care, and carpet cleaning, in addition to the nightly clean. That would probably take one more person, depending upon the amount of VCT to refinish, and the color of carpet and traffic levels which determine cleaning frequencies for those areas.

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