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Thursday, November 26, 2015


When a client wants a bid on a 3 day a week or a 5 day a week cleaning, what is a formula to use on pricing?


Here is an explanation from the archives that may help you work out this frequency reduction. Beyond this, you will have to research the ATEX Archives yourself for more details.

Reducing the cleaning frequency from 5 days a week to 2 will result in extended cleaning times. After all, the customer has carefully and thoughtfully saved up soil just for you. There will be more trash, higher soil loads in the rest rooms, more scraps under more desks, and generally more buildup.
Many contractors will increase the nightly cleaning cost to offset additional labor when frequencies are decreased. It would not be unreasonable to add 15% to the cleaning time when frequencies are reduced from 5 to 3 and 20% when frequencies are decreased from 5 to 2.
So, if you reduce the weekly cleaning frequency from 5 times to 3, this will mean you would subtract 2 days a week from your billing (40%). However, you would then normally add 15% to the nightly cost. If your 20,000 sq. ft building was running $2,000 a month, a 2 day a week (40%) reduction would bring your price down to $1,200. By adding 15%, your billing would then re-adjust to $1380.
A reduction from 5 to 2 would incur a 60% reduction, but a 20% increase for the extra cleaning effort. Since buildings will vary in demands, you will want to track the changes in cleaning times in your buildings and develop your own formulas.

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