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Tuesday, September 01, 2015


I want the zones for health and safety cleaning, their colors, and examples for each. Also, can I get pictures of zone cleaning?


Zone cleaning is the term applied to the system of area coverage that assigns one person to do all the tasks needed in that area within a set time. In other words, one cleaner would do the dusting, detail cleaning, and trash and recyclables removal, then the rest room cleaning and restocking, next the hard floor dustless sweeping, and, finally, the carpet vacuuming, in somewhat that order.
This is in contrast to team cleaning which uses a group of specialists to cover these basic needs, while working in close accord with one another. In this approach, one person leads with the trash pickup and detail work, followed closely by the floor specialist, while the rest room expert does his part and then moves on to rest rooms in other areas.
By pictures of zone cleaning you possibly mean video tapes or CDs showing the various operations. Searching “cleaning training videos” on the Internet will turn up sites on YouTube which are amateurish, but are free and may give you some idea of what is expected. Others, such as and, will provide professional guidance at a fair price.
As to what zones are cleaned for health and which ones have primarily safety issues, you must decide for your own facility. The main concern may even differ at various times.
The colors allocated to each use, blue for disinfecting, red for glass cleaning, white for dusting, etc. are arbitrary. You decide which color setup you wish to use and stay with it. There is no set standard for such things. Simply decide, train, and apply uniformly throughout the facility.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor