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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Can you give me a detailed procedure for top scrubbing a tile floor? Chemical usage, color of pad, proper equipment, etc.


There are several ways to accomplish this. In a small restroom or around toilets, you could use a scrub pad on a pole. Normally, you use a floor machine or an autoscrubber depending upon the size of the area.

Here is a short answer to your question. Dilute a floor cleaner (neutral or slightly alkaline) according to the labelís directions and mop the solution moderately heavy onto the floor (approx. 200 sq. ft at a time). Or, shower feed from a handle mounted tank on your floor machine. Scrub with a blue or green pad (1-2 passes).

Work small areas so the solution does not dry on the floor. Hand scrape any difficult spots. A 5" blade pulled toward you works best for blending. Wet vac and rinse 1-2 times. Inspect carefully while rinsing to re-blade any visible soil, bumps, burns, etc. Areas of discoloration will show thru the rinse water and indicate a need to rework the area. Do not apply floor finish over a marked, soiled, or discolored floor.

If you use an autoscrubber, shower feed the floor cleaner thru the machine. Make the first pass with the squeegee up and the second pass with it down. Apply one rinse. Finally, dust mop the dried floor with a clean pad to remove any debris, and then apply finish. If heavy traffic has worn off the finish, apply the first coat in the center of the traffic lane only. Then, apply the second coat, still keeping away from edges as much as possible. Avoid heavy recoats along the edges or you will experience an eventual buildup.

There are actually a lot of details to master concerning blending areas, knowing when to use 1 coat vs. 2 coats of floor finish, keeping the finish application light at the cut-off lines, reusing burnishing pads for top scrub, and a host of other variables. You can find a floor care training program at: There are also floor care videos and IICRC floor care classes taught by Bill Griffin (

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National Pro Clean Corp.
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