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Friday, October 09, 2015


I have 3 facilities with highly polished porcelain tile. We are having issues with the floors streaking and leaving water spots after mopping. I have tried 6 different neutral cleaners, and several types of mops (microfiber, nylon, rayon, blended, etc) with the same results. Any chemical suggestions? We are limited to mopping, floor machines, and additional time to dry the tile is out of the question. Any ideas are appreciated!


You just need to adjust your approach a bit to solve this problem.
First off, the spots are from dried residue that has been left on the surface by the mopping. They're due to incomplete removal of the solution. Streaks and spots have nothing to do with what cleaner you are are using and little to do with the composition of the mophead. And there is no connection to drying time, fast or slow.
Simply put, you are leaving a portion of the spent solution on the floor and when the water evaporates, what is left? The loosened soils and the chemicals in the solution, because these will evaporate only in the case of exposure to nuclear fission.
You have to improve the pickup of the mopping solution by covering less area with the mop head, rinsing and pressing it out more often, using a more absorbent fiber (OK, the mop's makeup may make a bit of difference), or changing the pickup to a wet vac mounted squeegee that will leave a dry surface with careful use.
Start by doing the mopping with a careful pickup and then use a dry microfiber flat mop to finish. Just don't let the mop head (no matter what the material) get sopping wet and expect it to continue to pick up solution. With many mops, the saturation point
is quickly reached and after that you are just moving solution around on the floor. Use as many dry mopheads as needed for this finish mopping, but concentrate on a careful initial pickup and see if you don't get the results you want.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor