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Monday, November 30, 2015


What floor finish do you recommend for old 8"x 8" dark green asbestos tile in a heavily trafficked (wheel chairs included) dining room?


You're going to have to experiment with several to see which one holds up best under those conditions. Also, you will have to determine the sort of maintenance you can provide.
Many choose a finish that can be burnished to provide a hardened surface to resist the wear. Others select a "scrub and recoat" program. Some would rather spray buff to restore the gloss. Consider the labor costs and time constraints and make a choice that fits your operation.
The finishes on the market made by major manufacturers will differ in solids content, hardness, and durability. You may wish to get several finishes and apply them to adjoining areas in the dining room with the intention of monitoring their performance over a period of weeks or even months.
During this time, proper and timely maintenance is essential. Any finish can be worn down by grit and heavy traffic grinding it into the surface. Frequent dry mopping and spill removal will preserve the finish and make the floor safer.
I appreciate that this can be time-consuming, but it will answer your question definitively and give you accurate records about maintenance methods and times for your facility.

Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX Editor