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Saturday, November 28, 2015


Does one have to clean burnishing pads? If so, at what intervals and what are the procedures for cleaning them?


Yes, burnishing pads need to be cleaned. Eventually they will collect residue and floor finish, causing a build-up which will cut swirls into the floor finish. Since the floor type, floor finish, burnish pad density, and machine conditions all vary, some pads will run longer than others before they load up. It is always best to check the condition of the pad before each use.
You can clean with a hot water hose using as much pressure as possible, or even by using a high pressure washer. Allow the pads to dry before using them. However, excessive wet cleaning of natural hair pads can damage the fibers. An alternative is to use the padís center hole knockout to gently brush and agitate the surface, and then either blow loosened debris out with an air hose or aggressively hit the pad against a solid surface.
Gary Clipperton