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Sunday, November 29, 2015


We have started a new venture in using micro fiber towels for cleaning restrooms. A few of the employees are concerned with using them because of contaminants, cross contamination, effectiveness, whether or not they are safe even after washing, what should be used to clean the microfibers, and so on. What kind of information can you provide that we can share with the employees to help allay their fears? What kind of laundry detergents would work in washing the towels that are used in cleaning of the restrooms, should we worry about cross contamination, and what process or procedure would you recommend for using microfiber towels?


We began researching microfiber in Europe about ten years ago. Microfiber is used throughout the world as an excellent option for cleaning restrooms
To reduce the possibility of cross-contamination, use them with a spray disinfectant.
They are safe to use after laundering them with a good all-purpose laundry detergent (never use bleach) used in the wash cycle and with nothing used in the dryer. Fabric softener will coat them, turning them from microfiber to fat fiber and cause streaking, inefficient cleaning, and perhaps the accumulation of pathogens.
Most pathogens are rinsed out in the washing machine and what remains are dried out and killed in the drying cycle. If you have special concerns, use the sanitize cycles. Issue clean microfibers at the beginning of each shift and collect dirty ones for the laundry at the end of every shift.
Not all microfibers are created equal. You can find very cheap microfiber that provides very poor cleaning results and is ruined in a wash cycle or two. We teach microfiber use at Janitor University, but only the Unger 4000 version. It is the most durable and effective microfiber we have found and has the results of laboratory testing on a label on each cloth. Our (OS1) users have tested many types and brands and that is their choice for price/performance value. When judging microfiber, look at the testing results for laundry cycles, durability, and abrasiveness.
In your neighborhood, both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University are implementing an enlightened microfiber program. Disregard the sports rivalries. They would be happy to show you what they are doing.

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