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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


We are bidding on approximately 23,000 to 33,000 sf of windows at the airport in Seattle. The height is around 20 feet, as needed, quarterly, monthly. I read where a carbon fiber pole would do the job instead of renting equipment. What formula is used?


There are multiple types of carbon or aluminum poles, some have hoses to apply solution directly to a brush or strip washer on the end of the pole, and some are simply extension poles and have no means of applying water or cleaning solution while extended, meaning you need to collapse the pole to rinse the strip washer and switch tools to use the squeegee. Some poles may have both a squeegee and a brush or strip washer on the end.
With hose type poles, don't forget that you will need access to a hose bib and you will need to deal with water runoff issues as well. As long as you have a working area and access to the edges of the panes that allow you to safely use these type of poles, and the quality is acceptable to your customer, you should be just fine. Some window washers use a de-ionization setup with their water fed pole to avoid the use of a squeegee. The mineral-free water evaporates without leaving any residue on the glass, saving time and money.
As for time estimates, unless you can actually do an onsite test, any estimates that I can provide would be a total guess. Too many variables. You may wish to contact one or more of the pole manufacturers to see if they have any time estimates. However, the only true time estimates would have to be based on your actual experience using the poles on the actual job site. In reality, you may find they work great; at the same time, you may find that the poles won't work well at all.
You might want to check with the Tucker Pole Company as they have been making this type of equipment for many years and may have some guidelines or ideas regarding production rates.
Bill Griffin, President