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Tuesday, December 01, 2015


How many employees would I need to clean 5 days a week, 30,000 sq. ft. (25,808 is carpet, 3744 VCT and 448 ceramic tile)?


Your actual cleaning production rate depends upon the type of building, workstation density, cleaning specs, and general use, in addition to other considerations. If it is a standard medical building, you might clean it at 2,600-2,900 sq/ft per hour. If it is an easy-to-clean building with relaxed standards (such as a class B or C office building) you might clean in excess of 4,000 sq/ft per hour.
After a thorough building tour, and using a list of cleaning variables to determine your projected production rate, you would then estimate how many hours it requires. This is accomplished by dividing your production rate into the square footage. If you cleaned at 3,000 sq/ft per hour, it would take 10 hours to clean the building (30,000 3,000).
If you choose to employ two people and have them work late, then it would take them 5 hours each. If you hired a three person team, you would equally divide the work into trash removal, dusting and detail, restrooms, and vacuuming and dust mopping. With this scenario, the three workers would each put in about 3.3 hours a night.
Or, if you had a two story building, you might assign two people up and two people down, which would then bring their individual hours to 2.5 each. The question you have to ask yourself is what if one of the 5 hour per night workers called in sick? Do you have an extra person who can substitute by working 5 extra hours? Conversely, 2.5 hours is a lot easier to cover in the event of absenteeism, and it is easier to hire workers for 2.5 hours after they have already worked 8 hours on their day job.

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